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I posted pics last year of my Triumph. I changed and modified a few things since then so I thought I'd update everyone. Here are the first pics.
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Those pics are from last spring. I put on the front brake, and put a little battery behind the oil tank last summer

This past winter I filled in the holes on the rear fender a sprayed it. I'm not digging the black now, looked better with a chrome rear fender. Hoping the spray the fender and tanks this winter with a dark metallic blue, but we'll see. Made another battery bracket in the spring when the little battery died and I installed a nice maintence free sealed battery. Last week I put on a 71-72 Triumph front end. Modified the axle to use the Harley hub and made a bracket for the Honda brake caliper. Oh, I cut down the rotor over the winter. Took 1 1/2 inches off the diameter.
Bike runs great, handles great but the rear push rod tube leaks a little too much for me. Another job for the winter, but it wouldn't be a Triumph if it didn't leak a little.
I'll try to take some more pics
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