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Triumph t100/MCM Fork Covers Problem

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NO this isnt about the lower fork boot that you have to cut down. Just searched through TEN pages of threads about Triumphs and fork covers and didn't find anything like this.

So here's the thing. My stock front end was refreshed, all stock parts. Rode the bike for a while and found some nice MCM covers. Took my front end apart and put the covers on, bolted everything down and put my front end back on. The front end now has 1/4" of play up and down. (In other words, the trees are spaced too wide for the neck) Everything is back to specs except the trees, the only thing keeping my trees from closing up to stock specs are the fork covers.

The tubes are slid up enough to get full thread on the top acorn nuts though. What gives? Has anyone had this problem? I can't figure it out and I know for a fact it's probably something extremely stupid and small.

I have sealed bearings in my neck, and I'm not forgetting any bearings. The trees are just spaced too wide for the neck. IF I cut the tops of the covers off and slid the bottom tree up the shit would work but I shouldn't have to right? Bike is a '68 t100 with stock front end.
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give us some pics of the set up but your last comment sounds like you have it figured out I am sure that some of the fork covers are not perfect fit. The covers on my bike had to have the holes on the bottom tree massaged a little to fit
Are your sealed neck bearings seated completely in the frame?
If by 1/4" play up and down you mean you have the front end off the ground, can grab it and actually move the whole front end so the stem is sliding up and down in the neck, then you definitely have an issue. It sounds like the fork covers as you said. Just trim a bit off the top of them where they butt up to the lower tree and put it back together.

Went back out and scratched my head some more. I'd hate to cut my covers because they're seriously cherry but I'll probably have to. Looking at it again, there's more like 1/2" of play, able to move the front end up and down like Tyler said. The races are fully seated and the bearings are in correct position. I'ma just trim a 1/2" off the top and bolt the damn thing back together. THanks alot everyone, I'll post some pics once the bike nears completion (for the second time) haha
Might be BSA covers. Are they FC-4 or FC-5? The MCM covers for BSA are different than the ones for Triumph.
Don't sweat it if they are NOS, if the damn things don't fit right they would have been cut down back in the day when they were brand new anyhow.. Just double check everything and be sure that is the problem before you do it. There isn't much it could be, if your races and bearings are seated fully, and the nut is cranked down as far as it will go, then the covers are holding it apart.

There are a least three types of MCM covers for Triumphs, another type for BSA's. Do you have early or late seal holders on your front end.?
Early style I believe Wes, I trimmed the fork covers up top and everything fits perfect now. I'll post pics later under my project thread. Thanks again everyone
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