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I was planning to hardtail this lowly XS650 frame that keeps bruising my shins everytime I trip over it. Then I noticed this T100 frame humbly hanging from a hook on the garage wall. Right about then I recalled the complete engine that once resided within it, similarly gathering dust in another part of the dungeon.

I'm poor - very poor, and I don't anticipate having a meaningful paycheck until May of next year. Hence, this is a no-budget project and I can't swing a ready-made, perfectly engineered bolt-on hardtail.

A quick look at the frame this morning made me think that building a bolt-on for the Triumph will be a lot easier than for the Yammy. I think I can use parts of the subframe to keep things neat and tidy.

Anyone ever built a homemade T100 bolt-on that can comment, or show me some photos? I'm really itching for a handshift, rusty, parts-dropping POS that I can use to disgust the guys with the loud-piped bolt-on barges that keep racing by my house on their way to the glitzy suburbs far beyond the city limits.
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