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Triumph/Shovelhead parts

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Triumph 2 battery box $15 plus shipping
Triumph Taillight (SOLD)
Triumph Oiltank (SOLD)
Triumph 2 kickstand & brake torque stay (sold)
Triumph 2 brackets $8 plus shipping

Brembo mastercylinder $23 plus shipping will throw in rust caliper for free (sorry don't know what size and what it came from). (SOLD)
Triumph coilbrackets (coils will come with bracket, don't know if they work) (SOLD)
shovelhead axle I think it was 3/4 will have to check $10 plus shipping (sold)
Shovelhead mastercylinder with Anderson peg $20 plus shipping (SOLD)

Triumph rear fender bracket $5 plus shipping

2 triumph swing arms bolts $10 plus shipping

Shovelhead controls $20, plus shipping

Triumph TR6 manifold $10, plus shipping

Shovelhead flywheels (sold)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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