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Triumph Rear Comical

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managed to total ( don't ask ) the rear brake plate fitted to '72 OIF , much scrabbling about and managed to find nice priced NOS.

Thought the only diffrence was crackle matt black finish to new plate but then noticed the casting doesn't have outer boss moulded in, its just flush face to plate,

Not a bigy, I can have a spacer turned up.

Just curious, why, when. Were wider brake shoes fitted, speedo drive on opposite side changed?
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It's probably a BSA brake plate. They look similar, but some of them don't have the outer boss. Is the axle diameter correct for an OIF?

Axle dia' the same, guess i now ride a TriBsa.

ps not to dissapoint cb king, here's a good one i'd not seen before.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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