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Triumph Rear Axle Spacers?

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Hey guys- I've got a David Bird hard tail for my '68 T120 and I need to make some spacers for the rear axle. I've got the Fab Kevin spacer that replaces the speedo drive and I'll just make up the other ones. Any idea what width is inside to inside on the David Bird axle plates? I'd measure mine, but I havent got it with me at the moment. Anyone running a Bird frame that can tell me if you can just run all the stock size spacers etc? I know that the stock set up is two threaded spacers inside the axle plates (one on each side), can someone measure the width of those two identical spacer nuts? THANKS!
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You'll be able to run your stock spacers on your axle. The width is 7.75" inside the axle plates on my DB hardtail.
Awesome, thanks guys, that's exactly what I needed to know, now I can make my spacers!
Looks like I spoke too soon. If I had all the stock spacers it sounds like they'd work, but I don't have the two big nuts that go inside the axle plates. Can anyone tell me the width of the two nuts that ride on the inside of the axle plates. Can't remember if they're wider or narrower than the nuts that go on the outside of the axle plates. THANKS AGAIN!
I don't know about all years but on my '70 TR6 they are two different widths. The drive side nut (S2014) is the thicker of the two at 0.44". The speedo side nut (S2013) measures 0.32"
Thanks man, much appreciated!
The axle plates can move in or out during welding of the hardtail to the front loop. This can happen even when the frame is in a jig. You won't see the movement until the frame is freed from the jig. This doesn't always happen, but sometimes. Most times the plates can be pulled in or apart by hand to fit existing hardware, but there are probably cases in which custom length spacers are needed. Mine ended up a little wide and I have some washers in there while in mock up.
Yeah I also had to use a washer to get the sprockets lined up.
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