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I now got to the stage of getting my last bugs out of my bike... Trying to get rid of some leaks and so on... Experimenting with some stuff..

I have the feeling that I made a huge progress compared to my previous motor/set up... But I have the feeling that there should be way more power available from that thing...

What setups do you guys use... I wanna hear some in depth stuff..

I got my basic set up from Bass... I'm now running a unit motor, Morgo 750 kit, stock cams, 4 speed, 930 Amal Concentric with 240 jet..

Now... Where do I start from... it's running pretty well, but I have the feeling that there should be more "go" in the motor..

Where should I set my needle in the carb? Top, middle, or bottom groove..? What jet should I start with..? How do you set the pilot screw..?
I run a Joe Hunt mag... How many degrees before TDC does yours fire..?

I run a velocity stack and pretty short drag pipes... I hope to find/build some longer ones soon... Little more back pressure and less noise..

Come on guys... Let's hear some stuff... I wanna get my sickle scary fast... And I also hope to become a Triumph guru one day.. The more I mess with it, the more I can learn!

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That gasket guy looks like a good deal... i'll check that out!

I'm defenitely gonna install some longer pipes... hopefully I can gain some power with those. Did I mention I run a single carb..
I really do like my mag though... The bike starts very well with it too.. Very powerful spark.

I run stock sized valves... Talking about the poor gas... Overhere we can easily get 95 and 98 octane pumpgas.

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Porting my head might be a nice option for next winter..

I started installing my scrambler pipes... They are not much longer than the drag pipes, but smaller in diam.. maybe I will see/feel a difference.. Only have to fix a bracket for 'em...
I will post results as soon as the bike is running again.

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GumbyChuck said:
Gotta chime in with a yep on a few things -

-small diameter longer pipes
-extension from carb to head (really hard to do on single carb setup,though)

A few other thoughts:
You didn't mention WHICH stock cams you were using. Some years are better than others.

What year is the head? Later ones have larger valves...

On the needle setting, and the pilot jet - pilot jet on a concentric affects idle and just off idle, needle clip position is mid range, main jet is WOT. These are more tuning for smoothness of operation and proper mixture than performance. How does she idle, does it stumble, what do your plugs look like?
Well.. I don't know what year head is (probably late 60's early 70's)... The cams I got.. I compared them to the 69's and 73's I have and they're all exactly the same..

I think I'm gonna try another jet... try a bigger one, try a smaller one.. Just see what happens.
I'll leave the needle clip on midrange..
She idles great... Just perfect.
Plugs are pretty much coffee brown... there's a small difference between right and left...

From what a collegue of mine told me... He said: Run WOT in top gear, then kill the motor... That's when you should check the color of the plugs.. I didn't do that though..
I checked 'em only after a long ride... then just got back to the house, shut the motor down and checked the plugs..

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Brian Douglas said:
Flyin' Dutchman said:
Now... Where do I start from... it's running pretty well, but I have the feeling that there should be more "go" in the motor..

I run a velocity stack and pretty short drag pipes... QUOTE]

well, if you wanna "GO" the hunt mag needs to go also
they LOOK real cool, but
no advance, so if its running good round town, it wont at speed, and vice versa
theres no happy medium
unless you get the ard cdi unit

go points or boyer
oversize valves
932 carb
your pipes need to be 1.75" x 29"

then start thinking bout flowing head, lightening valve train etc
Mmm... That's a whole lotta motor..

I will probably get an ARD in the future... She runs perfect around town indeed... But hauling ass on the freeway is indeed pretty far away..

I'll check on those pipes..

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Made another test spin a minute ago...

I got rid of my leakage trouble.. it's only leaking at the Webco oil cooler, but that's just a small problem to solve.

Scrambler pipes (1 3/8 diam) make no difference...

Like the motocross guys overhere say when a bike has no pulling power: "The bike can't even pull a German sausage off of a slanted roof!!"
At least, that's the feeling I have when riding...

I haven't done the WOT/killswitch trick yet...

Pipes aren't turning blue, so it's not too lean, but when the bike is idling and I give a little throttle burst, there's some fuel coming through the webbing of the velocity stack...

When I open the throttle, after about 1/3 or half throttle, I have the feeling I'm going nowhere...
Someone on here said earlier, that the Joe Hunt mag doesn't advance enough.. My dad told it to me all the time, last year also... First I didn't believe it, but I'm thinking more and more that you guys are right.

I can't find much else that's wrong with my bike... All I want is to get the noise down a little, and then at the same time other pipes will give a bit more back pressure. And I want a mag that advances more...

Seems that an ARD mag "does" advance over the whole RPM range... Maybe I should go for one of those...
How much are they? I couldn't find a price on
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