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I am not an "engine guy," so feel free to ignore most of what I say. But having messed with triumphs off and on for six years, I have learned the following:

(1) Your 750 big bore kit is the most you should do, displacement-wise, if you want a streetable setup. The 850 kits really stretch the limits of the unit motor and will substantially increase the number of rebuilds you will have to do (or so I've been told).

(2) Get your heads ported and polished by someone that knows what the fuck they are doing. Can't stress this enough, ported heads make a difference on a triumph. After getting the head on my '68 bonneville motor done a couple years ago, I felt a marked improvement.

(3) Weight reduction, including the engine. Lighten the flywheel. Drill holes in the side covers where you can. Drill the springer. Drill everywhere. This may either improve or detract from the aesthetics of your bike though, depending on what you like. I have always dug the drilled look.

I don't know what else to tell you. I really doubt you could do much to your setup to make it faster and keep it streetable. You have a big bore kit, a single carb for better acceleration, a magneto, which is the most efficient iginition system AND the lightest, since you don't need a battery, and you have a pretty stripped down bike, so you can't lose too much more weight.

Hopefully the experts will chime in.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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