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Triumph guys..cylinder base nuts torque??

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How in the world am I supposed to torque the cylinder base nuts on my 72 650 trump? No room for the socket and my torque wrench. Am I going to have to make some kind of extension or what? Any tips would be a great help. Thanks...Matt
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get a short wrench that fits the nuts, then with the closed end over the nut put the torque wrench in the open end???? i have no idea if that would work.... id just tighten it to however much i could turn it.
I used the closed end of a half inch wrench ground down a bit with a soft mallet. Mine are tight and the base gasket doesn't leak.
you can do it scientifically, but I just make em tight and retighten after some break in miles.
right on..Thanks Hatch...the old 72 bonny i got off you is starting to come together. I will get some pics on here when I get the frame back.
Great....can't wait to see your progress
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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