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Triumph Gooseneck 1971 Big bore rebuild.

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Triumph digger 1971 Big bore build.

Almost done. Be making a few changes like different bars and peg position and modifying the exhaust so theres alittle leg room. See how you guys like...
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Great job Ken, every change you made so far has been for the good, not a fan of pullback risers but they just look right on that bike.
Sorta similar stance to mine, have you calculated the trail yet?
Here's mine when I first got it (sorta) done, the trail was high and handling sucked.

I added a Sugar Bear springer and it really brought the bike to life, now I have to raise the pegs because it handles so well, I scrape them all the time.

Gearhead, were not all the previous unit engines only secured by one rockerbox headsteadies?
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Thanks Marc, I usually hate pullbacks myself .

Englishmen, I have not . I am gonna take it for a ride its not terribly floppy thats a good sign its close. Your bike really looks good with that sugar bear it put the wheel it the right spot, I read your article about it I would like this bike to be a rider , maybe thats the next step to measure and see where its at.
I was never a fan of goose-necks until I saw Bozi's stuff. Definitely an eye-opening, mind-changing experience.

Loffer, yours ranks right up there as well, at least to my eye. Damn fine looking scoot.

Englishman, that's the best endorsement for a Sugar Bear front end that I've seen yet. I'd have a hard time believing that simply changing from one springer to another would make such a radical difference to a bike if I wasn't looking at it right here with my own 2 eyes. Fantastic.
It looks to be about 5.5-6" trail. 9" - 3.5 rocker offset or fake trail measurment at the rocker angle.
Lookin' great Ken! Any updates?
Cheers, Dan.
You've got great taste. Really sweet lines and quality there.
Thanks guys fired it up after some confusion with the timing pin placement it is running nice. I got my powder coating in and bought a Ness prism off the board here so I will see if that improves the look or not.
Got this prism tank but it didnt fit so i modified it . Went to a 19" front wheel with coker 4.00 matching the rear tire. Not mounted yet. both wheels are getting gloss black PC so no point in adding the tire yet. Handlebars/risers are gonna have to be changed and im gonna drop the headlight another couple inches to lower everything but i think I like the Prism ... I gotta remember to turn on the other light so the pictures arent so crappy.
I welded the tank with a mig welder , pressure tested and no leaks, haha ... In fact the whole things done with a mig welder . Lets hear some feedback on that tank...

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you know I dig the tank Ken!!!
The tank is killer with that frame. If you change it you should be beaten. Severely.
Maybe it is the angle, but your drive side carb top appears backwards. Jack
The tank is killer with that frame. If you change it you should be beaten. Severely.
Duely noted ;)
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