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Triumph Gas Tank Question

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Can someone please tell me if a T100 tank from say a '68 will work on a '68 T120 frame? I have searched all over and found no definitive answers.I need a tank for my bike,but the Bonneville tanks are high rent...just saw an nos tank go for $910.00 on Ebay....hard for me to justify that,but I do like the look of the Triumph tanks.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Not sure about the years and models, but in my experience ( couple of 500cc tanks mounted to bonne frames) you will need to roach out the forward mounts because the holes in the 500 tank for mounting are spaced closer together than the bonne tanks. Also, you might have to elongate the hole in the rear of the tank to go on the spud on the rear of the frame. Couple hours of fiddling and fukking around and you will probably be good.
Thanks for the quick response guys.I knew that it wouldn't bolt on,the photo comparison was a nice touch.So far about the only parts that have actually bolted on without modification are the carburetors,lol.
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