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Because I'm going to run a 69 TLS brake setup on the front of my 67 T120R project, I've also swapped my stock 67 front end trees for the 69 versions since they're slightly wider to accomodate the TLS front brake.

Anyway, I've noticed that my 67 has a Steering damper rod with knob that goes through the middle stem between the upper and lower trees. In 1969, it seems that Triumph eliminated the adjustable damping rod and corresponding sleeve, spring and anchor plate that went underneath the lower tree in favor of a single chromed fork stem sleeve nut that seemingly has no damping capability.

My long winded question is this: should I use the 67 damping setup or just buy the chrome 69 fork stem nut? I like the looks and simplicity of the 69 setup but I wonder if I'm missing something in terms of usability.

Thanks in advance.
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