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Whats they best way to install Triumph fork tubes? Do you need a special tool to pull the tube through the upper tree? Whats to keep the tube from dropping into the lower leg? What the hell?

Part of my problem could be that I'm using one inch under tubes with a one inch spacer. I seem to be really fighting the springs. Am I going to need to cut a coil or two out of the coils? I was trying to keep it fairly stiff, so I wasn't too quick to hack 'em off just yet. Thanks.

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Hey squirel...I just did this on Sunday.

I'm sure this wasn't the "right" way but it worked.
After fighting and fighting with the springs I took my fork legs back out & attached them to the front wheel.
Then I slid them both up into the bike together....WITHOUT the spacer & used a ratchet strap slung around the rim to help pull them up.
You do have to give them a bit of a wiggle I found but they will make it ALMOST all the way home.
The only "special" tool I made was to pull the fork tubes the rest of the way up.
I just cut the head off one of the old caps & threaded into the top of the tube.
Then used a hook (like the old headlight retainer ring pullers) & it slid right up into place.
Just make sure to cut a couple of notches after you take the head off so you can unscrew it out of there.
Then you should be able to pull the springs down enough to slide the spacer into place.....assuming its a 2 piece deal.
I'm sure there is a better way.....but that's how I did it.
I hope this makes usual, I haven't had enough coffee & I'm trying to type without being caught by the bossman.........
Good luck!

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I'm a bit confused...but I just rebuilt the front end on my 79 T140...

Now I did this with the forks cocmpletely dismantled. Are you trying to do this with the forks assembled? I'd suggest taking them apart. Installation is easier. And it gives you a chance to clean and inspect the entire assembly.


Install the upper fork tubes into the triple trees. Use a rubber mallet to GENTLY tap them up into the top yoke. Get em flush/height adjusted/even, then tighten the clamps.

Install the damping units into the bottoms of the fork tubes.

Install new fork seals into the lower fork tubes.

Slide the lowers onto the uppers. And bolt each leg together. On mine, it's one bolt at the bottom of the lower that attaches to the damping unit.

Check the action of each leg--no springs, no oil. If it's nice and smooth, install the mudguard handtight (if you're running one) and check the action with both legs moving in unison.

Add your oil. Drop the springs in from the top. Put in your spacers and tighten the caps down.

Install the wheel handtight. Roll it off the center stand and check the action again. Roll it a bit back and forth so everything can center itself. Then tighten it all down.

Hope this helps.

And judging by the knowledge present on this board, I'm sure there are better ways that I haven't found yet.


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Thanks. I have already assembled the rebuilt forks. Just wondered about getting them back in the trees.

I have external springs, so I think that they have to be assembled off the bike, then slid into the trees. Right?
I'm kinda liking the ratchet strap idea. Any others???
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