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I'm finding a lot of information on putting newer harley front ends onto Triumphs but It's always dealing with the 1" harley stems. My plan is to throw a Triumph front end onto my model K as Im getting the entire front end at a steal. Can't find any harley front ends with a 7/8" stem that are as flawless and dont even come close to the same price.

I know the forks arent 71-72 (3/4" stems) but I'm not getting any google and other search feedback about swapping these forks onto my 53' Model K. I do know the forks will be shorter than my stock forks.

The triumph stems are 15/16"? (I dont have the front end in possession yet)

I assume it's as simple as getting a race that's OD to my neck and a bearing that ID to my stem that also go with one another.

Thanks for any feedback you guys may have.
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