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Craven Moorhead said:
I have arrived at what I think will be an ideal stance for the bike and have determined to acheive what I am looking for I will have to cut the forks. My questions is to those who have done the same, the forks I have are 4" over stock what I want is 4" under stock. The questions are, can I just cut this down 8" or am I better off cutting a stock set down 4" is there any difference? I assume I will need to cut the internal springs by the same amount, how will this impact the overall fork operation, this is going to leave only 2" or so of travel. This will leave about 2" ground clearance at the rear of the hard tail and 3" at the front of the frame will this be enough for normal riding?
2" of ground clearance and you won't be able to get out of the driveway let alone turn a corner. 3 1/2" or 4" is a minimum if you want to ride it at all.

Cutting the forks down - you can cut the 8" off, then the ends need to be tapered and the insides tapped. Doesn't matter which tubes you cut the operations are the same.

As far as the springs, most extended forks run stock springs with spacers. So your 4" over fork has a stock spring and a 4" spacer. Toss the spacer, cut 4" off the springs.

Now, before you go to 4" under and no ground clearance, might I suggest stock length forks?
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