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triumph fork leg drain screw

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i think the copper seal washer goes inside the fork leg but
cant find anything to confirm it.
hoping someone here knows ?

and i think my lack of beard is slowing my build
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Give us a clue, what year are the forks? and do you really mean the drain plug or the bolt that screws into the restrictor?
oh yea sorry..comfortably numb....
76/T40 allen bolt into restrictor,not drain plug.
yes, the OIF front forks has an sealing washer on the inside, but it is a 5/16" ID aluminum/rubber o-ring washer not a copper washer.
The easy way to position these is to glue it in place with some Yama-bond to the bottom of the dampner.
ah right,yep,got two of those,kinda wondered where they went !
and the copper ones are small enough to go on the allen bolt.
thanks for the help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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