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Triumph cush drive problem

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So I decided to finally put the new clutch plates in my 70 t120 tonight, as I'm pulling the old plates out I noticed that the last steel & friction plates were bound up with the cush drive. Looking closer turns out they had slipped behind it! So as I'm checking the cush drive for unnecessary play the damn thing comes off in my hand...well almost. The backing plate and spider stayed on the bike. ALL 3 screws holding it on had backed out! the threads of all of them were pretty mashed up too. (my guess for flying free in there while I've been beating the hell out of it around town.) So anyone have a clue how this happened/heard of this before? Also I now need new screws, hardware store or Triumph parts catalogue?
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Sounds like someone already replaced cush rubbers and did not stake the screws.Originals on my triumph looked like the end of the exposed thread had been partialy split with a cold chisel.Never just rely on locktite its crap
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