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Triumph Crankcase Juntion Screw remova

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Late 60's T100.

Anyone have removal advice when the obvious fails? I had aerokroil on these for days, and used heat. One came out, the other is stubborn.

I was told that these were omitted later. Any downside to not using them on a motor set up for then from the factory?


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You really need to use a hand impact driver to get that out. A good one. Not the cheapest thing you can find (those tear more stuff up than they actually get apart and are a huge waste of money), but one that actual professional mechanics use. The action that they put to the screws is a sharp impact downward on the fastener and a twisting motion at the same time that works to get stuck stuff loose. Here's a link to the type I'm talking about, although I can't vouch for this exact one. Mine came from the Mac tool truck but it looks very similar.

One of these might also work if used carefully.
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I've got a hand impact. What are you using to get it in there? Just a long bit? Mine is a 1/2" drive, but I sure as shit can't get in there at a reasonable angle without an extension. 😒
There isn't any reason you can't use an extension with it. You will lose a bit of the effect to the torsion spring effect of the extension, but it will still work. A firm grip on the impact twisting in the direction of removal will help minimize that effect.
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