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Triumph Crankcase Juntion Screw remova

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Late 60's T100.

Anyone have removal advice when the obvious fails? I had aerokroil on these for days, and used heat. One came out, the other is stubborn.

I was told that these were omitted later. Any downside to not using them on a motor set up for then from the factory?


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You really need to use a hand impact driver to get that out. A good one. Not the cheapest thing you can find (those tear more stuff up than they actually get apart and are a huge waste of money), but one that actual professional mechanics use. The action that they put to the screws is a sharp impact downward on the fastener and a twisting motion at the same time that works to get stuck stuff loose. Here's a link to the type I'm talking about, although I can't vouch for this exact one. Mine came from the Mac tool truck but it looks very similar.

One of these might also work if used carefully.
I've got a hand impact. What are you using to get it in there? Just a long bit? Mine is a 1/2" drive, but I sure as shit can't get in there at a reasonable angle without an extension. 馃槖
Hopefully you got it out by now good luck if your still battling this screw.
I've had great results using the technique explained by WhizzbangK.C..
Here is a thread on another forum fella had to resort to using a Dremel and carbide cutter..
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It came out. Guess it just needed some more soaking time. The above pic is exactly what did the trick and allowed me to get enough purchase on the head to crack loose.

Game on! Thanks guys!
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