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All this fork tube cover talk lately had me interested. I just picked up an old set of brit covers to see how they look on the shovel's 35mm front end.

Looks like the seal area of the fork lowers (sliders) is just north of 56mm and the ID of the covers is 40 somethings (can't remember exactly atm). Either way - a big discrepancy in fit.

I've seen the brit covers on a 33.5mm front end, but since I don't have one to measure I'm not sure what the OD on the seal area of the lowers is...I find it hard to believe it would be a lot less than my 35mm.

I'm not up-to-speed on forks and fork sliders. Do they make different sliders for the 35mm which have a smaller OD? Is there a large difference in OD between the 33.5mm and the 35mm sliders.

Would I be looking at making my own sliders to get this to work? Am I missing something?

I've read here the Maund's fit over 35mm lowers with a little material removal from the lowers. I'm guessing the ones he makes must be a larger OD at the bottom. They do look a little bigger than the ones I got.

Anyone done this or able to offer any insight?

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