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jabbo jr. said:
I just blew my sparkplug out of my head due to stripped threads. What's the best way to correct this problem? Help me out...
What size are your plugs? Your best bet with an aluminum head is to install a Time-Sert. It's a steel plug sleeve that fits into your original plug hole after it's been drilled out and tapped. A good head shop should have the Time-Sert kit to square you away with either a 12mm or 14mm plug sleeve. Barring that, you can pick up a complete Time-Sert kit for around $150. The sleeves are marketed as being stronger than the original aluminum threads and are supposed to be much better than popping in a helicoil. You can install the sleeve in-place, provided that you lube the tool up well to prevent swarf from falling into the cylinder. Alternatively, and probably much more safe, you can pop the head off and clamp it into a vice to install.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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