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hey guys,

ive got a used 5 in a 4 revtech tranny i recently installed and on the first ride with in a couple miles it kinda ate it.

i pushed in the clutch and it dropped the kicker arm straight to the ground while making some kind of ratcheting sound. towed the bike home, took the side cover off and discovered that ive got too much mainshaft thrust/side play. if i push the mainshaft towards the clutch, the starter gears start to drag, if i push it towards the right side of the bike, the starter gears spin freely again.

i dont have a manual or parts diagram for this tranny besides a crappy blurry one i found online. anyone have any idea's or if there are thrust washers in the tranny? ive never taken one apart but dont see it being a problem.

thanks ya'all

I am a Dealer for CCI...
Should be able to find a dealer in your area...


The nut (93-510) screws up on the shaft (93-503) next to door bearing (30-535)... That is behind the kick cover...

The door bearings has clips (49-110) that hold them in position...This could also allow the shaft to move if it has came out of the door.

Being you have a kicker....the door will look like the one in the lower photo...

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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