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if you piece a bike together having a title that matches the frame and/or motor numbers you are in pretty good shape. if not they assign a VIN, if they "assign a VIN" it will be as a special construction and not a '60 trump...usually when they assign a VIN, it is a metal decal not numbers being re-punched. if you want it to be titled as a triumph you really need to have all of your ducks in a row like a previous title, or at least frame/motor nubers and some history (bills of sale etc.) so it can be researched as a lost title or something along those lines...if you dont have that stuff, just go at them for a special construction title. remeber, the resale on SC titled bikes isnt close to as good as the real thing. but if you are going to keep it and ride it who cares just get it on the road.
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