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Figured I better get off my butt & post an introduction. Been hanging around here for about a year & a half. Just never posted nuthin' til recently.
A little bit of background. I been riding motorcycles since I was 17 , mostly rice until I could finally afford a Harley at 34 years old. That was in 1992 & I haven't looked back since. Have a couple bikes in my garage...

2002 RoadGlide I call "the Batmobile". She's taken the wifey & I all over the country & hauled my azz back & forth to work more times than I care to remember. Nothin' fancy, just a dependable motorcycle that gets me from point A to B.

and last but not least, my 1961 FLH Duo-Glide "Norma Jean"

Found this old gal a couple years ago in bits & pieces...made a pact with her that I would get her in the wind & that's just what I did. 9000 + miles later & she still makes me smile when I throw a leg over her & go for a putt. She's just a pile o parts, but she's all mine & I love her !
Later y'all !

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