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Hi! I believe it´s time for me to introduce myself! I´m a 23years old guy from Sweden.

Sold my -50 Chevy pick-up last fall to buy a neat bike instead.....
I´ve recently started out a Triumph Bobber project. It´s a 1953 T110, it was in a hairy -80´s chopperstyle when i found it. I´m planning on running solo seat, 21" front, 16" rear, high upswept pipes finished by real old school cocktailshakers! White grips, pegs, mcm chromed fork covers etc. etc....

Now I´m hoping to get some really crazy paint-job ideas from you guys! I was thinking satin gold with antique white scallops and a black pretty darn usuall dough!! Now give it to me all you greasers!


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