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Throttle Addiction: Narrow Sporty Tank, Fenders & Parts

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I'll be selling parts and accessories for guys like us.

I'm really excited to have these Narrow Sporty tanks. This thing is a solid, flat bottom tank with relocated petcock. Measures 8" x 15". Its about 1.5" narrower than stock but still holds 2.1 gal.


I also have these Wassell style tanks, High Tunnel and Mid Tunnel. 2.0 and 2.1 gal $169+shipping (Sorry, no free petcock on these tanks)

High tunnel 2.0 Gal

Mid Tunnel 2.1 Gal

And last for now I have these 5" british style ribbed fenders made from 14 gauge steel. These are some stout fenders- $155

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These guys shipped to Mike47 for some doctoring, and sent a separate envelope of stickers to my house.
Lucky you 'cause I keep all stickers that come in the door! But Zach hooked me up with plenty. :D

Good quality on the tanks and fender that I've worked with so far. Price is unbeatable. I will gladly suggest them to customers and will be happy to continue to install them.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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