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This is my bike

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Guess I've never posted pic.'s of it before. Not shiney, not pretty, not reliable...


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the Harpoon said:
Rust is beautiful(sometimes) but that bike needs to go on a diet. like the shix swing arm from your website.
Agreed. Next iteration. Keeping the rust though.
This was my first attempt at putting something together. I make no excuses for it. I'm not an artist. I learn by doing.

Dick Head: I'm building a single downtube, open primary Ironhead w/ hidden oil tank. I don't have any other bikes, just a bunch of car projects.

The shift set-up is standard Jockey.
richard cranium said:
how did the bagging of the wagon go?
It's still going. Hopefully done this evening. A fucking bulldozer would have been easier to bag.
Yeah man, still the land of Lutefisk. Bought a place over on 28th & 74th. I like your shakedown route. I'll try it. How's the baby?

Conder said:
Way to go Tony! Is that still Ballard? Try gettin' that thing out about 3 a.m. or so and ride the "loop" from there through fremont, over the bridge and through downtown. Roll into Belltown down 1st or second ave then head towards marginal way. It'll take you right through the middle of all that cool Boeing shit and you'll wind up in Tukwila. Start making your way back, take a right on michigan into georgetown, then take airport way back into the city (try to run the viaduct either way). I used to head back through eastlake past the Z Zoo tavern back into ballard. It's a great way to shakedown a new bike...Get it started at home and make sure you have a full tank. Ride it all the way around the loop and don't shut it off 'til you get home. Make sure you have a friend you can call at 3am with a truck!

Nobody's on the road, the city'll be yours. Cool as fuck...
saltflataddict said:
HA,HA, I heard the stripper and beer didnt help.. :)
This is true. Front bags went in last night. Would have finished the rear, but the welder broke. Tomorrow.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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