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A kind gentleman named Joel sent me the scans of the bikes you see here, along w/ the note below. Pretty amazing, huh?


My father passed away and never really said much about these pics. He was a biker, an auto racer in the late 1930's and was incentive my brother and I in our racing days. When he was first married in '39 all he had was a bike with a homemade sidecar for transportation ... not the best thing for NJ cold weather! One attached photo shows he and my mother in winter riding gear with a windshield on his HD. langhorne (The 'Horne) was a complete circle with no straights ... very fast and always dangerous. The track was not level and dipped about 7'-10' going into the first "turn" which was nicknamed "Puke Hollow". A number of famous racers over the years died there.

The Langhorne shot I sent was from a National 100 miler event in '37 but that's all I know. There are a few long distance shots of the race too. I always liked that HD and rider (and mechanic) looking over the Indian next to them ... sizing 'em up!

The Gypsy Tour shots are at the Union, NJ dirt track races. Gypsy Tour was just a name in those days for a ride event and gathering.

One of the other attached shots here is an Indian flat track racer at the Union, NJ meet. Love the racer/bobber look.

Wish I could tell you more about these.



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