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this is how i ran it while living in england

so on arriving in florida i decided it need to be put back to its 1970s glory

so it was off with the tank and refitted the tank that the original owner first put on in 1972

then as usual my mind did crazy things and some new old parts where made such as
vintage schwinn pedals as foot pegs (all reinforced internally)

a 1942 studio microphone was turned into a taillight

after a trip to some old stores in a town called micanopy here in florida another crazy idea got in my head and two old sediment bowls where fitted as petcocks

then the old extended forks where taken off and a set of vintage girder forks and an 18 inch wheel with hallcraft mini brake was fitted

thats where im at , at this moment have fitted the new seat but no pics yet and the paint will be gold metalflake painted the old way with a blow gun should be fun more pics soon hope you like it so far
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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