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Before posting in the Swap Meet section, please read all of our rules. The Jockey Journal is not a classified site - this section is only here for members to help other members. Remember that and post accordingly.

Here are our simple rules to post by:

1. In order to post in the swap meet section, you must have 50 posts.

2. All ads must have prices.

3. All ads must include a location - city & state.

4. Ads can only be "bumped to the top" once every three days. "pm sent " or " do you have pics " type comments will bump adds early and be deleted .

5. If you are selling more than three items, please combine them all into one post.

6. Please only reply to ads with relevant questions - no remarks or conversations within the swap meet.

7. No commercial posts in the swap meet. If you are selling production items or if you are selling items while representing a commercial shop, please use our Jock Shops section.

8. This a free service and your ad may be deleted for any reason at any time.

9. Please do not bump the add with a " SOLD " notice . If your item sells you can edit the title or add it into the text . If you respond to your own add that it' s been sold , then you are bumping live adds off the front page and it will be deleted .

NOTE: We are not responsible for transactions held in the Jockey Journal swap meet. If you have a deal gone bad, however, we will do our best to help.
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