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The designated springer ID thread

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Changed this up so others can put there Springer ID questions here so the board doesn't get clogged with multiple threads.

Just purchased this springer, it's en route to me so this is the only pic i have for now til it comes next week. Looking for any help identifying it. Looks similar to a Sugar Bear (rockers and trees) but the front legs and spuds look different.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Springer ID help?

Morning guys any help?
Re: Springer ID help?

I can't help on the make, but it definitely looks to have been shortened.

Re: Springer ID help?

These springer ID threads need to be placed into one thread, there seems to be a new one every other day.

First off, in order to ID a springer from a pic, you need several pics at different angles. Some are obvious, but a single overhead pic renders alot of guess work, resulting in a "guess" for a reply instead of a positive ID.

Also you have to realize that a springer made in the 70's has had who knows how many owners that have cut, hacked, shortened, legthened re-chromed, changed rods, springs, rockers, legs and everything else in-between. And..... there were a ton of guys that made there own in there garage, or made a few of the same design that they didn't "market" in the mainstream.

Bottom line, post as many pics as possible of a springer if you need an ID. I'm not picking on one individual, just a thought from several of the "Springer ID" help threads that constantly pop-up.

Re: Springer ID help?

Sorry for starting another i checked to see if there was a consolidated thread but couldn't find one. Either way i apologize. I got the springer in heres some more detailed photos, also a serial number stamped in the lower tree 011348024.

Its definitely been hacked on i think the front legs were replaced the welds are much worse on them and i agree its been shortened.

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Re: Springer ID help?

Well i emailed TEACH and he got in contact with Sugar Bear its definitely not one of his, someone took his rockers but the rest is a copy and not a great one. Still puzzled by the serial number though and who made it originally.
Re: Springer ID help?

I could never understand why when people hack up forks they almost always make the ends so short and stubby ?? like right in the stress area no less.. hell do the splice up high ,,you can maybe even hide it under the tree
Re: Springer ID help?

Well i emailed TEACH and he got in contact with Sugar Bear its definitely not one of his, someone took his rockers but the rest is a copy and not a great one...
Man, this must have been quite an insult to Sugar Bear asking if this was one of his springers... :eek:
What makes it worse is that they even used his (Or Dick Allen's) rockers on this welded together thing...
Whoever made it originally, be carefull using this front end on the street..
Re: Springer ID help?

hey Inkmunky. You should modify the title to make this the designated springer I.D. thread. That way we don't clutter up the board with this stuff like sixball said.

I've got a springer i want ID'd but didn't want to start a whole new thread just for that. If there's a thread for it, I won't feel bad at all.
Re: Springer ID help?

Danny F he wasnt offended by asking but TEACH forwarded this onto sugar bear and he was offended its his rockers so im gonna send them back to him and rectify the mistake of the previous person. Ill see if i can change the title.
Re: Springer ID help?

When TEACH emailed, he asked me if I could identify the springer (not if it was mine) and I told him I couldn't, but those were my rockers. I stated that this situation is the reason I don't sell parts to my springers, because people will sometimes say it's a Sugar Bear springer and try to sell them as such. I have no idea how the rockers got to this springer, I'm not offended that I was asked, only that my rockers wound up on this ............... (smile, and fill in the blank). Danny, I also recommended to him not to use it .... looks too shakey.
Re: Springer ID help?

The springer definitely wont be run as is. The rockers will be returned to Sugar Bear it just seems like the right thing to do. If i even keep it it will need a complete overhaul and rebuild and wont even resemble its current state. Bought it sight unseen it wasnt advertised as a Sugar Bear so maybe thats some consolation to Bear, im out the money i paid but its a gamble with these old parts. I just noticed the rockers and wanted some more info on it.
Hawtpocket there you go finally found some time today so guess now we can keep this all together.
..rockers are homemade (and scary..)
And spring rods are bolted on the bottom to the perch..I guess that was done afterwards..
Unfortunately at AEE we sold our rockers, both the fishtail and crescent, and I have seen them on all kinds of POS.

Sugar Bear is right not to sell them separate. Also a whole lot of the old springers I see show up on here weren't worth a damn 40 years ago let alone now. Be very careful what you tie in to.
Heres some pics and numbers If anyone can help with who built them. Numbers are 0333 follow by the p inside a diamond shape as then numbers 02-472.Thanks to everone.Peace.


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Hardtime - like Danny F. said - it's a Fury. Looks like the rockers are (dangerously) modified originals - front and back has been ground down, a bit too far.

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Here's what Fury rockers look like. Also someone's drilled holes in your top tree to mount Harley bars, instead of using the integral mounts, and the bushes in the legs will need replacing - I think they're 5/8 x 3/4 x 3/8, and 1/2 x 5/8 x 3/8 inch (O.D, I.D and width) oil impregnated brass or bronze, I forget which.

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