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The Art of the Motorcycle *pics*

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I rode with the scooter boys to the ART OF THE MOTORCYCLE saturday. Its hard to find a proper bike gang when Nads is out of town

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Thank You!!!
Some gorgeous bikes there. I saw pictures of this exhibit before, when it was in Sturgis or Milwaukee maybe? I take it this is a traveling exhibit. I wonder if they'll ever come to Michigan.
Thanks for sharing those pics! I love that shit!

not me in the pic. thats dancin dan. but a look at the round of rides I was with
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Saw the original show at the Guggenheim in the city back in '98 - truly inspiring.

Thanks for the pics.

That's Steve McQueen's bobber Indian. See the back fender and oil/gas tanks, they were repainted by Billy Lane. I really love the rear struts he made and the paint's nice but I can't for the life of me figure out WHY it was done.
That bike should've been left alone.
I forget how long is it going to be in Orlando? I'm gonna be visiting my parents in Sebring in June and would like to visit it. I missed it in NYC, I kick myself to this day.
ol_scratch said:
I forget how long is it going to be in Orlando? I'm gonna be visiting my parents in Sebring in June and would like to visit it. I missed it in NYC, I kick myself to this day.
I attented this show a few weeks ago and plan several more return trips cause its that good! The day I attended the museum also had a another show in the building with little gray haired ladies selling old jewlery, silverware and old oriental carpets. What a trip to have them and a bunch of bikers in the same place! I got thrown out for drooling all over the Gold Star 500. It should be in my garage instead of the museum. If your in the area of the House of Mouse you should not miss this this show!
i saw it in vegas widda wife a few years back.
best part..i was told

"you can get AS close AS you want to the bikes but DO NOT TOUCH"

i was told thgis like 30 times as was EVERYONE else...
first bike in the show.. the dalimer wooden thingie with brass training wheels..
the cat infront of me stuck his finger out and spun on of the brass wheels...
the red coats were on him like the secert service!
he was escorted out by like 6 people.
there went his 35$... lol

i didnt touch anything.. it was hands in pockets after that little deal...

cool picts...tell me you didnt touch the



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Yeah, I saw it in Vegas, the first day it opened there. INCREDIBLE. I've got the $60 hardback book. I stare at it all the time. I want one of those NSU/BMW/Zundapp style frames. I really dig that stamped metal look how it wraps around the tank instead of how the tank fits over the frame like on most bikes.
One bike I saw at the show was a red and aluminum Opel; I think it even had white tires. I was dissapointed to not see it in the book I have. I did an internet search and nothing. Anyone have a pic of it? I know some of the bikes change as the show moves locations so it's possible it may not have been at yours.
geez.. that orange/ red Duke got me all excited. so did the bmw and that old indian board tracker. NICE BIKES
I missed it at the Guggenheim also, bought the book. I think there is a core of bikes that stay with the tour and some that float in and out.
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