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'Poon is up spraying my lo-lo, along w/ two friends' cars right now and helped me out. Here's how:

I was in a bad way w/ my Panhead. I built the bike, finished it, and realized I hated the hell out of it. The styling wasn't what I wanted, I was embarrased of it, and I decided to sell the thing. I had ideas on how to make it right, but was disgusted w/ what I'd built and lost interest. It went to EBay.

Poonani sort of reeled me in, provided the push I needed to get off hating the fuck out of the thing, and even offered up a couple good suggestions.

Long story short, I yanked it off the Bay, started making contacts on the parts I'm going to use, and am going to make this bike "right."

The proof is in the pudding...I'm mixing it up right now. And this pudding isn't coming out of any box baby!

Thanks to 'Poon and his Cooley.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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