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Im new to this board but Im 45 and have ridden brit bikes mostly since Iwas a kid. I always got a kick out of whatching somebody try the left foot brake right side shifter for the first time oh yeah I would laugh and laugh well, today karma paid me a little visit. I been looking for some thing to start my son out on hes dirt biked and now hes headin for the road. well we found a cb750 and it had been sittin so the battery was down its 79 model no kicker. so anyway I take it up the road and went to turn around I didnt want it to choke out with the dead battery and its poppin... old gas and all, so I went to put it in first as Im turnin around but what I really did was lock up the back brake, killed the motor and ended up on my azz with a puzzled look on my face. so my kid saw it him and the old owner jump in my truck and come to save me and jump start the honda so we pay him and mike rides it home I follow in the truck when we pull up in the yard he comes over grinnin and says we tell mom I dropped more reason I love my kid ........oh yeah Im paying for the turn signal light...
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