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I found this out by experience.

First, a 3 ohm coil for an electronic ignition will sometimes test good w/an ohmeter, but can still be bad.

If you have 1 side of the coil that is firing and the other is not, or if you have one bad plug and no spares- you can take a piece of metal wire and wrap around the good plug and run it to the bad one and it will fire, assuming you have a dual fire setup. This got me home last summer (about 50 miles). Just don't touch the bare wire!

Also a simple way to check plugs-remove both plugs from the head, leave the spark plug wire attatched, turn over engine while holding the plug against the head (making the ground). If you see spark that plug,wire and end of the coil are good. In bright daylight, you may have to cup the plug w/your hand to see the spark.

Maybe this is all common sense for most, but still good to know.
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