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To remove those stubborn cups, Take a piece of steel tubing that just

clears the inside of the I.D. of the cup. Cut a four or five in slot in it long

ways on a band saw, then turn it 90 degrees and cut another matching

slot to make four slots total around the circumference of the tube. Now

spread the tubing out a little on the end so that you can pull it into the

cup backwards(From the uncut side of the tubing section), then just

push it up against the cup, and tap it out. The tubing contacts at four

points on the cup and doesn't make a single mark on the cup. Also, if it slips through the I.D. of the cup you're trying to remove, simply insert something up into the expanded part of the tubing to stop it from collapsing under the force of the hammer blow, like one of those sockets and extensions mentioned in the other replies, thats what I've used when needed. The outward force of the socket will help keep it firmly on top of the cup instead of letting it slip through. Have fun, be safe


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