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TECH.... Remote front master cylinder on the cheap....

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on my bike I am absolutely running a front brake, I like front brakes, and big discs look fast..... But the stock control that I had was ugly, and I could not find any smaller controls that I liked. I had heard about the exile remote master and the PM one, but I don't like spending money.... anyways.... I was at a bike salvage yard and noticed a bike with disc brakes on the front, but no master cylinder showing, it was a yamaha seca 750 circa 1981 model. It had a cable pulled master cylinder near the headlight. I was toying around thinking about welding brackets to a rear master to mount a cable pull lever, but this yamaha deal seemed too easy. I had the guy remove it, and I bought it, it was $15 bucks, and I took it home and scoped it out. The yamaha had the master mounted vertically, and the resivore was stupid, so I went to my buddies with a lathe and spun up a dual ended fitting to stick in the master. , I then spun a hose barb to use in the new resivore I was going to have to build. My frame had a 1" hole bored through the frame, so I decided thats where the resivore would go..... I measured the fluid capacity of the front lever master assembly ,and scienced out how much brake fluid it needed to hold, and made a new resivore out of a small piece of 1" tubing I had lying around. I then made a simple tab, and a small standoff, by welding a nut to another piece of tubing to make the mounts for it. It bolted up , and still fit under my tank tunnel. I ordered up a $12 dollar early lever from j&p and like the looks of it. The brake lever will pull a short custom made cable ( made by the local garden tractor and lawnmower repair shop, and will run fluid from a standard -4AN banjo brake fitting from the local stock car racing shop, to the front caliaper.... I will have under $75 in the whole works..... LUKESTER


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I'm a day late and a dollar short, but that's exactly what I wanted to do on my bike. Not just to clean the bars up, but I really like the look of that lever assembly.

Good Job.
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