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Tanks, seat, risers, lifters and the what have you....PICS....

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Here are a few things for sale.

First is a minty set-up for your inline springer. The risers are chrome over brass and quite nice. They are for 1 inch bars. They are straight and shiny. The top tree has nice chrome over steel.

This bit of kit will cost you a cool $**SOLD** plus shipping from Seattle WA. 98115. Should fit nicely into a medium flat rate box.

Much more on the following frames......
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Next up is a cool looking wassel banana tank with cool stripes. The tank has scratches, a dent some cracking filler and lacks rear mounts. It does look cool as hell so that counts for a lot. Has a vented cap and the inside looks pretty damn clean (some over spray).

I would like $150 plus shipping from Seattle WA. 98115 for this here tank. **PENDING**

Next is a set of panhead lifter blocks and listers that came with my 1962 basket case. I have not run them. Some of the chrome is flaking on one block. Old parts.

I think **SOLD**shipping from Seattle will work. Should fit in a medium flat rate box.

More on the next frame........
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How would you like a chopper seat? Here is an old scorpian type seat. It's in pretty good shape. Some scrates and nicks here and there but it's old and looks cool. Has bungs in the base for mounting.

I would like **SOLD** plus shipping on this here seat.

Next up is a triumph conical twin leading shoe hub/brake. This are big and aluminum and have 40 spoke holes. This one needs to be cleaned and polished. Comes with an axle and some clapped out bearings. It has the guts on the backing plate and a cool looking scoop with vent holes. Take a look.

The brake is $60 plus shipping from Seattle WA. 98115.

More on the next frame......
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Last up is a OG axed tank. It has been chopped on over the ages and will need to be finished up. The two filler holes have been TIG'd up and now you get to decide where the filler should go. Has had the tunnel frisco'd and will need your mounting stystem. Has a couple of holes for petcocks on either side. This is the old style with the ridge down the back. I am sure it had the Paughco made in Hollywood stamped in the long lost tunnel. You will need to finish it up and do plenty of body. The metal is thick.

I would like **PENDING**for this tank plus shipping from Seattle WA. 98115

Thats it for now. I will pake paypal and really would like it to be a gift because the paypal fees blow. I will put a signature confirmation with each item so I know it gets there. I will let these items spin on this board for a bit then post elsewhere. Thanks dudes.

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Hows about a four day bump?


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