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tank coating

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Does any have any hot tips on a tank coating kit POR-15. It is going in a set of pan tanks that don't look too bad. I hear this kit will fill holes, I don't think I have any but I am using a anti-rust coat. tim
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I got some Redkote and some National Tank Sealer(Por 15 stuff) and used them on a couple of test pieces of metal. Tossed 'em in a gallon jug of gas about a month ago and check them every once in a while. I think I'll use the National Tank Sealer in my tank when I get it finished. It seems to set up harder, kinda like epoxy. The Redkote is a little softer, but the gas hasn't affected either one. I think they'd both be ok to use.
Just my opinion.
Larry T
I already have the POR-150, it is what my shop sells for $49.95. So it is what I am using.
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