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t140 carb "insulators"

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i;m a bit confused ....:)
my parts book shows metal collars,(helps to warm the fuel, to help vaporization.)
or,i as i read....
dished washer and rubber spacer (with o ring) stops carb getting too hot!
was there a "change over" year ?
(the carb body has a recess for the o ring)
anyone know the better set up ?

i'll stay till the first honda thread.:eek:
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...hello man, you have a rubber washer that goes into the metal washer.
The rubber to the carbs, the metal to help when you torque the nuts
Thanks Reverb, i'll go with that then.
If you're using the correct 0.100" thick O-ring on the carb flange,you'll have about 0.050" gap between the flanges.You should be able to rock the carbs when they're tight enough.It reduces float bowl vibration as well as heat transfer,and it's a good system.
Don't overtighten and bend the flanges.If you bend the flanges,the throttle slides can stick.
ok mr pete,thanks.
i've got both the original size and the fatter o rings,and was going to use the thicker set.
out off curiosity anyone use the collars/rings (70-9554)
my parts book is for 1976/77 so maybe they changed them around that time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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