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T120R Had a few beers and hit the auction site

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Im now the proud owner of a 68 T120R
Most of the boring work done Just rebuild engine and wire etc
My question is crank balancing and matching weighing everything . I just paid guy and asked about crank he’s had it ground 10 thou but no balancing etc.
I get bike Friday but probably won’t be in England for a while to check it out.
I have a pre unit smooth as silk
And sold my oif bobber as rattled my bones out .
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Nice. Make sure the radius is correct on the big end journals.

crankshaftart.pdf (
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thats a good buy fella,... as a spotty faced kid in the 70's I was weekly offered any amount of pre unit Tiumphs & the most expensive was about £120,... wish I knew what I know now back then & I would have been at Lloyds or Barclays begging for an overdraft !!!... bloody scary what they go for now !!!
Its looking good, I wish you success and a smooth riding bike when its done.
Yea this has been done in TT colour scheme
Nice looking machine! Frankly, I think people get too wrapped around the axles over crank balance. The manufacturers weren't all that critical about it. Just clean the sludge trap and put it back together. You want smooth running, nothing beats lowering compression ratio....sure, you'll lose a bit of top end power, but make up for it in mid range torque. My two cents. 😉
Absolutely, take a lil strain off the components and enjoy it like it would've been when new.
So I got back to uk and am going over bike for the first time
Few bits missing
And some bodges
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Well at least it's a really nice clean parts set to start building with!!!
Other that that weirdness at the front of the tank,it's a looker.
I’ll miss the little green / blue thing. Did it go to a good home?
I’ve still got the green one


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Glad you kept that one, it’s one of my favourites. Look forward to seeing progress on this new one.
I only had a short time to look at it
Main things I see are tank, looks to be maybe cut open an re-welded (and then painted dents,welds and all
And exhaust camshaft threads are mangled
I’m going to call ex owner today
I have a grand in old receipts
Not including tyres,paint,wheel rebuild,cylinders
Reckon he put 3 k into it bike has USA title imported in 2018.
I asked bloke why he was selling. He said after lockdown etc wanted to spend more time with his wife and not in the shed.
(Normally it’s the other way around)
Lots of little bits missing and some pricy items
Taco drive,oil pump,instruments ,ign…
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Im making up a list of parts
The threads on exhaust camshaft are mangled And I’ve been doing some research seems in 69 (before this no)they were nitrided I presume if I replace with new nitride would be standard finish?
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Would it be possible to chase n fix up the threads? New cams I believe are all nitrided. The threads, the gear threads or the points cam ?
Never mind, I clicked on the last pic, yep it's a wind chime weight.. needs a new cam. Sorry. Looks like it was mangled w a wore out pipe wrench then left in a salt bath cure trying Fer bacon..
So arrived in England (heatwave and hosepipe ban )
Keeping away from mum with covid. She has had it 5 days, but dad is fine ? (76 and 81 )
looking at what I need,got the 68 parts book on my telephone and looking at what I have laid on the bench, it’s an epic (took like 6 hours with beer )
But finally think I can buy what I need tomorrow and button this fucker up,
Got the cam allready.








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Cam bushings a little worn
So punched some new ones in
Now it’s all a little tight so will go to be reamed
Crank balanced pistons etc.
I want a super smooth engine,on this one.
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Green bike is going to auction so now I’m only unit 68
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