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Benway, you are right about picking them up and walking around with them! After the years of Crfyou talking shit about my "little" 500, I let him take it for a spin and told him not to be afraid of the rpm's. He thrashed it pretty hard, I could hear him about a half mile away at 8000 rpm! Properly set up with some "tricks" done to the engine, they will give most 650's a run for their money. I'm not a small guy and mine will fry the rear tire in first and second, or carry the front through first into second and comfortably cruise at 75 all day long. When I got my 80" shovel, I was expecting it to go pretty hard, but nothing makes me smile more than my t100. Maybe that's why I have 4 of them and no 650's!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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