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T-MAC Terror Shovel Build

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I'm finally working on my Shovel after a couple MAJOR road blocks on the way. I bought a running bike with a 73 FL frame and 80" Shovel and cow pie trans out of a 79 FXEF and rode it for a summer. It ran good but wasn't what I wanted.I was looking for a nimble around town machine so I thought I put the powertrain into a light bike. So... I bought a new Maximum Metalworks rigid frame,narrow glide,new sporty tank,21" wheel and a few other odds and ends. Work got REALLY busy so I thought I'd have guy I met on here thats 2hrs south of me do some fab work and get it a roller for me because I never had the time to touch it. It was good at first but progress came to a hault and the fab work was very poor and VERY unsafe. He dinged me $3500 for a few parts and shitty welding that I broke off with a rubber hammer and cresent wrench.Again work got busy and the bike sat all summer so I found another "builder" this time 2.5 hrs north of me to get things going...9 months and $3300,and every excuse in the book I picked the bike back up with nothing done too it other than some cheesy fender mounts that I broke off by hand and NO refund on my money. He says he messed up but he'll get my money back to me when he wants.... Anyways sorry for the sob story but I thought I'd get it off my chest due to both these "builders" being members on here.

I'm going to get this bike built if it kills me!!! haha


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Name names please. Anyone doing that shitty of work and charging you $7k needs to be called out.
^ this.

Also, nice work on the tank. Bike's looking killer, sir.
^ this.

Also, nice work on the tank. Bike's looking killer, sir.
First guy was Blackcrown/Chris Potter and second was Noodelz/Blair Watson/No Shame Customs on here. Stay clear!!!!

Thanks it's finally coming together it's been a rough build. I should have done it all myself but work comes first.
Bike is looking good man nice work. I sure hope you get your money back or something.
Thanks. Yes I hope to get my money back but it's been two months and still every excuse under the sun why he doesnt have it. Bunch of bullshit!!!!
Nice job on the tank. That shovel is looking nice!

Bummer that you got jammed up on having another builder do work on your bike, you seem to be doing just fine on your own. Slow and steady wins the race when you're building your own bike.
I need to order a new rear sprocket because the one on my rim is pretty beat up. I was wondering on gearing. Current rear is 51 tooth and trans sprocket is 24 tooth. I have a new 26 tooth also on the shelf. It's a light bike so maybe gear it for the highway so it's not screaming with the 4 speed? What do you guys think?
I run 49 rear/24 tranny and it's the perfect combo for top and bottom. If you wanna gear it for all highway put that 26 on with a shorter sprocket and you'll cruise in the 80 MPH's no problem. Mine use to with that set up anyways, just was a dog outta the hole. All the stock sprocket 51 tooth guys are loving the 25 tooth tranny gear. Also your crank pulley size should be factored in too.
Sorry I messed up my rear is a 48. I'll count the engine/crank pulley
I'd stick with the 24 unless you really wanna get at it on the highway then the 26 would work. It was nice when I was set up 48/26 and would ride with more modern bikes with fancy things like a gear or two above 4th but fuck them I say.
I'm running a BDL 1.5" 8mm primary belt drive with 41 front and 61 rear pulleys.

I think thats what I will do I'll stick with the 24 front sprocket and order a 48 rear. Should I just stay with steel or go with the aluminum rear?
Nice job on the tank. That shovel is looking nice!

Bummer that you got jammed up on having another builder do work on your bike, you seem to be doing just fine on your own. Slow and steady wins the race when you're building your own bike.
Thats for sure I'm getting my garage more setup for working on bike stuff so I'm going to tackle everything possible myself and get this thing done. Its amazing how much more a guy gets done when when you are setup for it. One downfall is my race car gets no time spent on it so I might be late starting the season but I think it will be worth it
I need to pickup a battery so I can start building a box for it. Its going to be kick only but I guess I could go with a big enough battery that would work for electric start if I wanted to later on. What size and brand do you guys recommend?
disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!! they could get somebody hurt or worse.
disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!! they could get somebody hurt or worse.
Thats what pissed me off about the whole deal. They would have just ground the welds down and powdercoated and I would have been the one eating the dirt!! I still have not got my $3300 deposit back....dirtbag
I keep looking at the front end. I'm tempted to change my wide springer for a tube front. Whole bike looks great. How much under is it?
3 months and still don't have any of my $3300 deposit back from Noodelz/ Blair Watson and now he won't return my calls,emails,or texts!!! Stay away from this thief !!!! Just a warning I don't want anyone else ripped off
a couple of buddies and some toys should fix that problem if you ask me. pretty sure he has som ecash stashed somewhere either that or he owes you a bike or project that he has lying around to compensate for your losses.
"NO SHAME" customs. Ironic choice of business names. .

I welded a simple piece of 3/8 round stock off the bottom frame rail. Put a rubber bumper on the end of it that would meet the kickstand .. The kickstand actually closed under the belt and i welded a small hook on the end so you could grab it with your foot to extend it. Total cost a few bucks but you could go the $350 route

Not sure if that will work for your application and pretty low tech ..just throwing it out there

Build is looking good man keep posting.
i don't see what the other side of the story could be, as far as the builders in question explaining their work. the welds were terrible, not just terrible looking which is enough to be pissed about , but how friggin unsafe is that? they should not be marketing themselves as welders. they are skanks, f..k them!!! thats a lot of cash to steal from someone!
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