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T-MAC Terror Shovel Build

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I'm finally working on my Shovel after a couple MAJOR road blocks on the way. I bought a running bike with a 73 FL frame and 80" Shovel and cow pie trans out of a 79 FXEF and rode it for a summer. It ran good but wasn't what I wanted.I was looking for a nimble around town machine so I thought I put the powertrain into a light bike. So... I bought a new Maximum Metalworks rigid frame,narrow glide,new sporty tank,21" wheel and a few other odds and ends. Work got REALLY busy so I thought I'd have guy I met on here thats 2hrs south of me do some fab work and get it a roller for me because I never had the time to touch it. It was good at first but progress came to a hault and the fab work was very poor and VERY unsafe. He dinged me $3500 for a few parts and shitty welding that I broke off with a rubber hammer and cresent wrench.Again work got busy and the bike sat all summer so I found another "builder" this time 2.5 hrs north of me to get things going...9 months and $3300,and every excuse in the book I picked the bike back up with nothing done too it other than some cheesy fender mounts that I broke off by hand and NO refund on my money. He says he messed up but he'll get my money back to me when he wants.... Anyways sorry for the sob story but I thought I'd get it off my chest due to both these "builders" being members on here.

I'm going to get this bike built if it kills me!!! haha


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After seeing those photos, I'd like to hear the welder's side of the story.
What, "I wuz shitfaced"?

Seriously, the first 2 of those weld photos show faults that would be obvious to a first-week welding student. NOBODY claiming to be a fabricator should ever let something like that out of his shop.

Some asshat laid that, looked at it, and said "fuck it." End of discussion.

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