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Supervee engines?

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Has anyone here ever seen one up close, or rode one,or own one?
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How soon 'till we see ya kick it over and fire it up.
If you look close at the kick start pedal you'll notice it is muddy. It is ready to start now and has gas in it. Because the engine is new and it is an actual 100C.I. it wore both me and my bike mechanic friend out.The good news is it is in time, getting both spark and gas. It just needs to turn over faster because of that long intake.

Because of the position of the clutch release lever I had to use an open primary and jocky shift. That put the release arm right where the bike starter would have mounted. My next move will be to try and adapt a Chevy starter to it. I have a Spyke HD starter but I am not sure it can hold up to this engine???

Hopefully it will be doing its break in miles before December. I'll be gone for a couple of weeks at the beginning of November is why I say that long.
Tried to see if an adapter for my Spyke starter mounted to the rear and engaging the starter ring between where the chain rides might be the hot setup but it doesn't allow my starter shaft to be in a concentric position despite the open space.

So what I am going to do is re-mount the original inner and outer primaries and mount the starter in the conventional position. As for the Jockey shift, I am going to take the current shifter arm off and mount a short arm to the ratchet wheel that way I will have the option of using a shifter that comes up next to the tanks or a foot shift if I redesign the shift arm. The easy route would have been to get Bakers hydraulic trap door, but when I started it wasn't around.

That is ok when I am finished it will be right, no sense trying to rush things.I am also considering mounting one of those lever arms to eliminate the stock solenoid and avoid the problems the older versions had of welding together.

I have also become informed that on the Generation III's that there is an oil starvation problem at the rear rod journal but Jim Fedor has solved that with his genius and the need to drill two small holes about 90 degrees from each other, milling a small slot and plugging the original bleed hole. This fully pressurizes the journal and the rest of the oiling system is great already as is. Just a small thing that needs to be done to perfect the engine.

That said I will still be able to fire it up initially on schedule. Go back a page and click on the link in post #60 showing Jim's bike in action and you'll see the effort is worth it.
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No..... I wanna see YOURS run...
You will soon. I should have the inner primary and outer primary on when I get back then I can mount the starter. If the engine weren't so tight it would start now. Kickin something over that big is not a good move.

I can almost get it to start now but it needs to turn over faster.
Look I Have A Running Gen II Super Vee . You Need To Look At Your Timing On Both Front And Back Cylinder .if You Have A Harley Grind Camshaft That Can Be A Problem , The Pick Ups In The Distributor If The Lay Out Is Wrong That Will Put The Timing Off From Front To Back 20 Deg Between . If You Mark Tdc On The Front & Back Cylinder You Will Be Able To Check This Better . You Need To Time This Off The Rear Cylinder. It Is Possible To Kick Start This Motor , I Can. When I Had A Stock Harley Dyna Sin There I Could Not Kick Start With Out Alot Of Help From 3 Or 4 People. Now 3 To 4 Kicks!!need Any Help Please Call 8:00am-5:00pm 314-839-1641 Ask For Paul
Lets talk VW trike engines too. They're groovy.
Na!na, Corvairs Man! Thats the ultima trike motor!!!
Thats the guy who I was refering to, Naslaga cycles wanted him to tell them what he did to make it run for free, He told them to take a flying leap!!!

Like I said, I think I know what he did...................Roach.
Do you mean Nostalgia Cycles?
Yeh, I dont get paid to spell, I get paid to turn wrenches........Roach.
Might have as well be Huh!!?? ;)
Stop swearing, crying, namecalling, bulshitting everyone and get back on topic.

Does it run yet? I wanna see.
I get paid to spell....but Capitalize at my own expense.
I'm a fabricator, not an engine guy, so excuse my ignorance if this observation doesn't make sense, but I don't get it when it comes to all the problems attributed to making this engine run; It's not like it's a 5 valve per cylinder double overhead cam v-12 with variable valve timing. It's just a push-rod 90 degree V-twin. Why can't anyone (apparently) get one of the fuckers to run? And even if it has design problems, how many could there be, and how hard would it be, assuming someone was really committed to using one of these engines, to make it work? Not trying to come off like a prick, I just honestly don't understand how something like this can be this much trouble, given the demonstrated levels of mechanical skill out there.
Seems Red (old Iron Horse) was real close to having a runner, but not after many headaches and trips to the machinist to get things right. Valve/seat changes, aftermarket oil pumps, oil pan mods etc.

The question is how may guys are going to shell out for a basically unproven motor, THEN shell out to make crap QC right just to be That Guy who has a running SV?

People do this for pans, shovels, etc. but there are thousands of these motors around, and we know they can be made to run right & reliably. After all this time, the running Supervee is still the Bigfoot of the motorcycle world.
You guys autta go back and watch the video on post #60.
Looks like a runner ta me!!!
So there's one...
I never said they didn't run; I did imply they're a huge pain to make run reliably.

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There are those who've gotten them to work at least well enough to ride. I personally met and talked with the owner of a bona fide SuperVee runner at the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club show in Caldwell, ID in March of 1993. He said it was a nice enough motor, but admitted that it came from a guy who'd given up getting it running, took a lot of work to get sorted, still had some minor issues, and was currently for sale at the time because he was tired of the hassle. That may have been the reason he was rather vague about exactly how many miles he had actually ridden the thing. He said he'd put in a "decent amount" of saddle time on it -- whatever that means.

I do know for a fact, however, that he started and rode it around a bit that day, and had ridden it enough to get the underside somewhat muddy and grimy.
For sale 2 years ago at the Dave Mann chopper show swapmeet..(Ventura)

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