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Supervee engines?

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Has anyone here ever seen one up close, or rode one,or own one?
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Seems Red (old Iron Horse) was real close to having a runner, but not after many headaches and trips to the machinist to get things right. Valve/seat changes, aftermarket oil pumps, oil pan mods etc.

The question is how may guys are going to shell out for a basically unproven motor, THEN shell out to make crap QC right just to be That Guy who has a running SV?

People do this for pans, shovels, etc. but there are thousands of these motors around, and we know they can be made to run right & reliably. After all this time, the running Supervee is still the Bigfoot of the motorcycle world.
So there's one...
I never said they didn't run; I did imply they're a huge pain to make run reliably.

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As far as the negatives of this particular American made motorcycle engine, it is not the design that is the problem it is the shoddy way some dyed in the wool Harley wannabes put them together that was and is the problem.
Are you saying that these motors ran well & reliably as purchased from NC, and the motor owners are to blame for their bad reputation?

That seems to contradict many of the accounts I've read.
Hm. Seems we've found the other problem with SuperVees...misrepresentation.
Hi " Well i got my vee back together had to have erson regrind my cam, Detune it, to much overlap, Runs great.
Pictures, video, etc. please?
" This is a running custom bike, but it is still a project."

seemed like a good idea at the time
I still think it's a good idea. SBC parts are everywhere...the motor just needs to be done by someone who gives a damn.
1 - 7 of 159 Posts
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