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Supervee engines?

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Has anyone here ever seen one up close, or rode one,or own one?
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wow....a bagger AND a shit engine....sweeeet. What would be the purpose of these engines? I mean; a crate Evo is so cheap, runs great, why spend the time and $$ to build a giant, ugly engine that is shit?? dont get it....
People say the same thing about taking a perfectly good Triumph T120, and fucking it up with a hardtail and springer.
I think the Super Vee is a cool idea but flawed. A big pat on the back to anybody who can make one run and somewhat reliable.
You are just a few beers away from an Hanlon Excelsior...
Watcha you talkin' 'bout? The Super X was a great idea ruined by flawed managers!
Deadwood Special with "normal" forks:

The original new Super X with weird front end:
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Nielsen in Libertyville still has a few of those in the crate that they could never unload.
I want one because they are weird and different. Also I would love some HOG Yuppie to tell me to park my Jap shit somewhere else.

I like bikes that get you involved.:)

Here it is. The riders are Nostalgia Cycle guys. Listen to the ad copy the announcer has to read. Embarrassing.
Notice how the footage of the bikes going down the road is used over and over again.
As for the regular forked Super are correct!
I think that one would have made a difference.
1 - 4 of 159 Posts
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