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super neat-o question

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trying to find a drop down mirror for apes..... anybody have suggestions on where to look??? thanks

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Lookin for one that clamps to the handlebars, or one that mounts to the hand controls. We just use one that mounts to the controls, and hang it upside down.
I feel like I'm talkin' to my self.
I got one for ya,old bates,shoot me a pm or somethin
alleycat said:
I feel like I'm talkin' to my self.[/QUOT

ooooooh thats sooooo f-ing funny. i cant stp laughing

so what use a normal mirror clamp and just turn itup side down???? you guys at flyrite are rite-on!!!
The morrors we use have a stem that goes through the clutch lever or brake .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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