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labelkills said:
I stopped not to long ago on the freeway to ask a rub (didnt know till I had stopped) if he needed help. (he was broke down at night on the damn freeway). I was in my truck and had plenty of tools and offered to help. I even offered to load it up and give him a ride (I always have tie downs and my folding ramp), but he gave me so much atitude I left. I wanted to stab him and just leave him to bleed out.
I hope he was stuck there all night.
I still always stop
That has happend to me 3 out of the 4 times I have stopped for someone that was broke down. And I'm not an intimidating guy, just a guy who has a strong love for bikes and likes to help a ***** out every once in a while.

My guess is that they are nervous that you are going to think they are stupid for not knowing whats wrong with thier bike. But thats never the case with me, I just want to help.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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