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Stock motor plates + hardtail = weak pegs?

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Just wondering how everyone with a triumph hardtail with the stock rear motor mount plates and stock pegs is doing as far as peg strength. it seems that since the bottom & back of the plates are no longer bolted to anything (since the rear subframe is gone & the hardtail is there) that the area where the pegs mount seems a little weak. id hate to raise my ass off the seat to go over a bump & then have the pegs snap off, possibly landing my nuts on the back tire & having them sucked under my pretty little ribbed fender. im about 200lbs & am just seeing if anyone else reinforced the stock plates?
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Those plates should mount to the frame too, back here (on the new Flyrite frame):
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Yeah they still mount to the swing arm mounts. I'm only 150 lbs but I can stand on the pegs and they don't move at all.
...and my pegs are drilled full of holes. Its fine.
A little off topic but on unit triumphs that are hardtailed . Take a peice of solid stok and cut it to fit between both plates and tap the ends . Then bolt it on the upper corner hole between the rear motor mounts and it will take up some of the freeway vibes . Just a heads up since we were talking about the rear mounts .
yeah, my plates are mounted onto those swingarm mounts too, and 2 bolts on the back of the side covers of the motor. it just seems that since the bottom & rear of the plates are just hanging in the breeze that the pegs have a good bit of leverage to bend that plate.

i was thinking of that round stock idea for the plates too. although, has anyone cut the rear of those plates down since theres no need for the extra material since there is no frame tube there anymore to bolt it to? they just kinda look wierd. i think it looks like i was trying to go with the 59 caddy style fins on the back of my motor.

maybe ill post a pic & show where i think its weak.

thanks for the input so far guys.
never had a problem with mine. I ride alot of dirt roads and nasty concert here in michigan. Thats why i love the the stock peg arangement. I can pic my ass off the seat if need be. In michigan I would never ride foward controls. There holes here that will eat you alive.
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